By conference projects:

  1. SIIE ( & : 8th. edition on « Information Systems and Economic Intelligence »,
  2. ISKO-Maghreb ( & : 8th. edition on « Digital Sciences: impacts and challenges on Knowledge Organization »,
  3. CITED ( 2nd. edition on « Advanced Technologies, Renewable Energies and Economic Development »,
  4. TBMS ( 1st. edition on « Big-Data-Analytics Technologies for Strategic Management: innovation and competitiveness ».


    • Submission & Guidelines :

Respecting deadlines, author’s proposal can be submitted in:

    • detailed abstract (Title, Abstract, Keywords and Short bibliography) : Therefore, you must select your « Title » that grabs attention with « Keywords », accurately describes the contents of your manuscript concisely by your « Abstract » with « Short bibliography », and makes people want to read further your « full text »,


    • full text proposal. In process of reviewing, authors should complete by the full version paper,
    • and to encourage young researchers (doctoral students / post-doctoral students / graduate engineers) to publish, a Poster session is open in circumstance to promote themselves in this scientific event by depositing: (on 2 pages max.) Title, methodological summary and outcome, 5 keywords and Short bibliography or major references, on the Easychair platform (Topics:   – Poster session).

on EasyChair Conference System for : SIIE’2019 & ISKO-Maghreb’2019 & CITED’2019 & TBMS’2019 

– SIIE’2019:

– ISKO-Maghreb’2019:

– CITED’2019:

– TBMS’2019:

    • OCTA Multi-Conference language:

– Papers must be written in English.
– Data show: all video projection (PowerPoint or equivalent) must be written in English.

– Presentation: oral presentations and discussions favor the English language, while allowing communication in both languages: English and French.


Special issues for publications (Journal & Books & IEEE Xplore) in OCTA’2019 and conferences’s projects:

1– Journal Name: Financial innovation journal – ISSN: 2199-4730
– Name of the special issue: Financial innovation in emerging markets
– Scientific Domain: Finance
– URL: Guest Editors : Moawia Alghalith, Xu Guo, Wing Keung Wong
– Editor(s): Department of Finance, Asia University,500, Lioufeng Road, Wufeng, Taichung, Taiwan

2– Journal Name: SocioEconomic Challenges – ISSN (online) – 2520-6214
– Name of the special issue: SocioEconomic Challenges toward green and digitalized economy.
– Scientific Domain: Social Sciences and Humanities
– URL:
– Editor(s): OCTA’2019 members

3– Journal Name: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (ISSN 2220-9964) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal on geo-information.
– Domain: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & ICT
– Name of the special issue: Geospatial Big Data Mining and Geoinformation Security. (coordinator: Tahar KECHADI)
– URL:
– Editor(s): Tahar KECHADI, Amira KADDOUR & Sahbi SIDHOM.

4– Book Name: Collection « Systèmes d’information, web et société ».
– Name of the special issue: « Outils et usages numériques ». (coordinator: Imad Saleh)
– Editor: ISTE editions
– URL:
– Editor(s): Imad Saleh, Sahbi Sidhom & Amira KADDOUR

5– Journal Name: African Journal of Political Sciences. ISSN: 2661-7323 & ISSN ONLINE:2661-7617. Studies and research in the coming issues in the following disciplines: 1. Political science and International relations, 2. Legal and administrative studies, 3. Strategic studies, 4. Social Sciences 5. Humanities, and other cognitive fields relevant to journalistic interests.
– Name of the special issue: « legal challenges in the era of digital transition ».
– Editor: university 20th august 1955 skikda-algerie (Editor in Chief: Pr. Chaib Bachir)
– URL:
– Editor(s): Chaib Bachir, Amira KADDOUR & Sahbi Sidhom

6– Journal Name: International Journal of Big Data Management
– Name of the special issue: on « Big-Data-Analytics Technologies for Strategic Management: innovation and competitiveness » (Editor in Chief: Dr. Riad Shams, ISSN online: 2631-8687, ISSN print: 2631-8679)
– Editor: Inderscience (
– URL:
– Editor(s): Anass EL HADDADI, Sahbi Sidhom & Mohamed ADDAM

7– Book Name: Cambridge Scholars Publishing Ltd.
– Name of the special issue: on selected papers from CITED’2019: 2nd. International Symposium on « Advanced Technologies, Renewable Energies and Economic Development »
– Editor: UK. Cambridge Scholars Publishing Ltd is registered in England. Reg. No: 4333775; VAT No: 108280727
– URL:
– Editor(s): Amira Kaddour, Sahbi Sidhom & OCTA’2019 members (& Adam Rummens, Commissioning Editor in Cambridge Scholars Publishing)